Supporting people through times of change and transition.

  • Works proudly with the BCPSA since 2001 along with various other government agencies, organizations and ministries. 

  • During this time, we have provided service to over 20,000 BC Government employees through Outplacement Services, Career Transition Services, and Workshop Consulting. 

  • Worked with a range of impacted employees from senior executives (Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers and Crown CEO’s) to front line technical, administrative and union staff. We are familiar with the public service and our depth of experience continues to prove incredibly useful in planning for and mitigating any issues that could impede service. 

  • Held over 70 federal and provincial public contracts ranging from: Work BC, Employment BC Targeted Wage, and Employment Programs through both federal and provincial government. Employment Assistance Services, HRDC, recruitment and retention, executive search, small business planning service social enterprise, Indigenous Programs, services for persons with disabilities, seniors and youth. 

Transition Services
  • Assist in communicating difficult messages effectively while providing tangible support to those receiving the messages.

  • Benefits of professional transition services are significant for the organization, managers, impacted employees and indirectly impacted employees.

  • Provide high level coaching for managers in delivering the message of job loss reduces risk for the organization. Managers gain confidence in carrying out all the tasks associated with notification.

  • Impacted employees process the news with support and can begin to move forward in their transition.

  • Indirectly impacted employees are often encouraged to see that notifications are handled professionally and considerately, and that support is provided to their departing colleagues.

One of the key elements of high quality transition services is building trust between the various individuals involved and especially with the impacted employee. 

While managing risk is a significant goal for the organization and managers, supporting the process so that impacted employees leave on the best possible terms is your primary goal, as a Transition Specialist.

As a result of our expertise, we have developed the following resources:

  1. Transition Service Guide

  2. Manager’s Guide – Notification Tips for Managers

  3. Risk Analysis Checklist

  4. Career Transition Services Brochure

  5. Journey Through Job Loss – A handbook of essentials. These materials are available and utilized by our consultants, clients and sponsors

Journey Through Job Loss – A handbook of essentials

Change is the event, the loss of the job. Transition is your personal experience.


Some people ride transition quite well; they “roll with the punches”. Others find the journey an extremely stormy one that shakes them to their very core. Even if your job loss was half-expected, it can still feel as if someone has pulled the rug out from underneath You. You may not be able to change the circumstances that led to job loss, but you do have the power to manage the way you handle it. With information and support, you can foster your own resilience (your ability to “bounce back”) by making good decisions now and for your future.


This handbook is designed to help you to anticipate the ups and downs, to know what to expect, and to prepare to ride the waves of transition as smoothly as possible. Here, you’ll find valuable information on common reactions to job loss, dealing with change, and useful next steps for planning and moving into your future.



Download your copy of the Job Loss Booklet here.

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