Supporting businesses in their journey to find and retain qualified people.

We are proud to support businesses in both the process of recruitment (attracting, screening and selection) and retention of their workforce for the past 30 years. 

Recruitment Support

We fully participate in the entire process working closely with your business.  We understand the value of people; when teams function optimally costs go down and profit margins go up. When applying best practices and engaging employees people are inspired by their work – they can then carry this into all aspects of their lives. We also understand how to assist organizations in establishing and managing optimized human resource systems to access the creativity within each team.

Our services include:

  • Writing job descriptions

  • Advertising job postings

  • Interviewing candidates including developing questions for behavioural event interviewing

  • Engaging in scoring each candidate post-interview

  • Engaging with client on insights, feedback, observations

  • Assisting in the selection of a successful candidate

  • Assisting the client in negotiating salary and benefits and preparation of offer 

  • Providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates through telephone calls or emails

Retention Strategies

It Is critical to also focus on training and development planning, and retention/employee support activities. We can help you implement key programs that will ensure your workforce is retained and happy.

These strategies include:


  • Ongoing and consistent training and employee development

    • Develop or acquire training videos

  • Implement an Ambassadors program

  • Ensure consistent practice of employee development plans

    • Develop a succession plan for lower level management positions

  • Institute a self-care plan program

  • Set up a virtual suggestion box

  • Give incentives for exit interviews

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