Creating, sourcing and distributing unique one-of-a-kind items that support

empowerment of communities across the globe.

Worth Every Penny (WEP) is a multi-layered, for-profit, Social Enterprise that operates globally to create opportunities that foster and support the empowerment of women and their families and improves the sustainability of our communities. Our goal is to mentor and support people to collaborate and leverage their skills and strengths - particularly in art and design, health and wellness as well as business planning and funding workshops for women.

Penny has been involved through her extensive network of women in the Cariboo Chilcotin region, developing and facilitating cultural programs, events and workshops and has also has been instrumental in supporting roles and working with women, youth and elders through the delivery of holistic healing. With her father’s heritage in the Shuswap nation and her mother’s history rooted in the Chilcotin for three generations she is currently working with an author on two books. The first, to be published in 2018, is the memoirs of a Shuswap elder and the second, 1000 Strands, is a true epic family biography set across a millennium in Europe, Wales, England, West Indies, and Australia - arriving ultimately on the Cotton Ranch, in the breathtaking Chilcotin.

  • Support the growth of women who have the talent, energy and passion to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

  • Create opportunities for indigenous people around the world to leverage traditional skills and participate in a modern market place

  • Support the creation, or growth, of individual and family enterprises.

  • Implement an equitable, incentive-based succession plan that will allow a number of Investors to earn their way into partnership and ultimate collective ownership of WEP Emporium with other Investors.    

  • Work as a global team of happy positive people that live shared values and continuously excel to build a highly respected brand.

  • Build a solid following of individualistic customers who appreciate new discoveries and collect fine things and love the stories that come with them.

  • Provide our customers with access to unique or limited collectables from around the world.  We are passionate about people and will use our love of beautiful pieces individual and exotic, the funky one of a kind, historic & vintage, re purposed, re jigged, up cycled or fused and offer a compelling retail offering to create an income stream to pursue our Vision.   

  • Embed and promote sustainable practices; repurposed, reclaimed, re-jigged, recycled, redefined items are highly prized by WEP Emporium & our customers.

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